About Us

MaxRecover is a division of Distinx Technologies. Distinx is located in the beautiful City of Charlotte, NC, in the SouthPark area, one of North Carolina’s largest and most distinguished business districts.

MaxRecover was born from the experience its developers had growing up in a big city and having to deal with burglary incidents in their homes. After living through it, they experienced the after-effects of trying to remember what they lost. Many times they and their family did not realize they were missing something until months went by. So, MaxRecover is the solution developed for that and many other related situations people like you may come to face one day.

Distinx was founded by two brothers and has grown with the mission of providing excellence in technological needs of businesses and individuals nationwide and internationally. "We at Distinx realize that building a relationship with our customers is one of the first building blocks of our service. We want to combine the service you need with quality above expectations".

Please feel free to call us or stop by and get to know the diverse technological services our company offers. From web design to virtual tours, graphic design, search engine optimization, and now our newest product, MaxRecover, we offer services that will bring you success and safety!