Virtual Tour

MaxRecover uses High Definition Interactive Virtual Tour technology. With this NEW PATENTED TECHNOLOGY, you are in the picture!


You will be able to walk through your house even if it is totally destroyed!

Virtually visit your house again and you will be able to see EVERYTHING you owned and prove ownership of your goods for insurance purposes.

The main features of this technology are:

- Real Walkthrough - You go in and out of rooms, places, locations as you wish - 100% INTERACTIVE!
- 360˚ High Definition Views - Sharp, clear, and vibrant colors
- Include pictures, blue prints, hotspots
- With one click, you can go full screen
- Extremely user-friendly
- No distorted walls


Your Virtual Tour will look similar to the one shown below. Click on the blue arrows to walk through the house.



- Click on the blue arrows to go in to rooms and different locations
- Use clear arrows on the bottom right corner for direction and zoom*
- Click and drag your mouse over the tour to move the image around*
- Click on "Full Screen" to see tour using your whole screen
- Choose each location from the drop-down menu on the top right corner

*TIP: When clicking on clear arrows or dragging mouse over image to move image around, do it very slowly as the system is very sensitive to mouse movements.